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Golf Hypnosis

Do you find golf to be more frustrating than enjoyable?

Most golfers tend to play the same course over and over again, they know even before their ball is placed on the tee that they will experience difficulties with a certain hole or part of the course or maybe the yips (focal dystonia) is interfering with your game?

Hypnotherapy can improve and enhance your mental attitude by helping you to relax, remove any anxieties and boost your confidence by removing negative thoughts or beliefs by using deep relaxation and focused concentration to envisage success, maintain composure and overcome distractions.

By eliminating stress, anxiety and changing your mind-set, hypnotherapy can help you to achieve your full potential, reduce your handicap, eliminate your fears and doubts by conditioning your subconscious mind for success on the golf course.

During each hypnotherapy session your neuro-pathways are strengthened by using hypnosis to help you mentally rehearse your perfect round of golf, and each time you experience hypnosis your neuro-pathways become stronger and stronger, thereby enhancing your ability to act upon the positive suggestions made to you during your hypnotherapy session and hypnotherapy MP3 recording.

Many scientific studies have proven that hypnosis and mental rehearsal are very effective and produce lasting results.

  • First tee jitters
  • Change your mind-set
  • Achieve your full potential
  • Reduce your handicap
  • Eliminate fear and doubts
  • Improve your golf swing
  • Overcome course distractions
  • Stop choking
  • Stop the yips from interfering with your game

How long does it take?

Generally two sessions (appointments set four weeks apart), however, it depends on the issue.

How much does it cost?

For prices, please view The Rivenhall Practice Therapy Packages page.
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