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Hypnotension™ for High Blood Pressure

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Hypnotension Results
The creators of Hypnotension explain how and why it helps to reduce high blood pressure.

Do you have Primary or Essential Hypertension?

Over 90% of cases of high blood pressure are called Primary or Essential Hypertension because there is no identifiable medical cause.

Due to lifestyle and emotional factors which cause this form of high blood pressure you need motivation and action on your part to change as Doctors can usually only work to manage your symptoms.

For many people, and perhaps this includes you, this means a lifetime of medication, constant uncertainty and worry about your future.

For those of you who are willing to take action, there is an alternative.

The Hypnotension Alternative

By taking action now, we can both work alongside your Doctor/GP to help you return to better health by identifying and addressing the emotional and lifestyle factors that are unique to you, and over the next few weeks, working together we can help you to lower or even return your blood pressure to more normal levels.

The Hypnotension™ programme uses proven cognitive techniques and behavioural coaching to help you take control and ensure that your high blood pressure is a thing of the past.

Think about this for a moment … 

Even if worst case scenario you only managed a reduction of 2.5/1.4mmHg using the Hypnotension programme your risk of dying from a stroke would be slashed by 12-14% and heart disease would be slashed by 9-10%.

So no pressure then … book your complimentary consultation to discuss how your blood pressure could be reduced or returned to normal levels?

How long does it take?

Four sessions (appointments set four weeks apart).

How much does it cost?

For prices, please view The Rivenhall Practice Therapy Packages page.

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